Concept | Responsibilities


Approval certificate—ascertaining the truth in the subject of art

A large part of our work is concerned with finding the truth. As independent art dealers, as art historians and court assessors, we are constantly faced with the questions “genuine or fake?” and “how much?”. Public bodies also rely on our expertise, and one of our tasks was to assess and value the Leopold Collection on behalf of the Republic before it was transferred to a museum. Our expertise is also available to our clients in special cases. We will be pleased to assist in estimating and assessing significant individual items or entire collections as far as we are able. It goes without saying that works of art acquired from us are covered by a non-expiring guarantee of authenticity.

Collection Care — Art needs time

As does the creation of a collection. Thanks to our occupation with museum quality, we are now in the privileged position of caring for a number of private collections, both at home and abroad. We are particularly active – and successful – in the areas of our specialities: the art of the Biedermeier period, Atmospheric Impressionism, Art Nouveau and the Inter-War Period.The fact that the works of art from these collections are increasingly sought after is a testament to our efforts and our approach to art. Of course, we will be delighted to offer the same level of care and expertise to you and your collection.