Showroom | Hans Boehler

Hans Boehler,

1884 Vienna - 1961 Vienna

Oil on canvas
73 x 92 cm

Literature: Exhibition-catalogue: Hans Böhler 1884 - 1961, Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, London, January 1968, cat. no. 12 (with ill.)

Exhibitions: Hans Böhler 1884 - 1961, Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, London, January 1968

Provenance: estate Hans Boehler, U.S.A.; Friederike Beer-Monti, U.S.A.; private collection, U.S.A.


Starting his artistic education Hans Boehler was student at the private art- school Jaschke in Vienna. Although having succeeded with the application at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts he continued attending also the private school. Personally he was in contact with Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele and became later member of the Vienna Secession. In 1905 he became member of the artists-groups “Jungbund” as well as the Vienna “Hagenbund”. Works by Boehler were shown in the Kunstschau 1908 as well as the Secession´s spring-exhibition, in 1909 he joined the avant-garde “Neukunstgruppe” around Egon Schiele, Albert Paris Gütersloh, Oskar Kokoschka, Franz Wiegele and Anton Faistauer (e.g.) and exhibited together with them in the known Vienna gallery “Salon Pisko”. He travelled to China and Japan (1910/11) as well as to South- and North-America in 1913/14. In 1914 he shared a studio in Krumau with Egon Schiele and Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel. In the same year Boehler commissioned Egon Schiele with a portrait of his companion Friederike Beer Monti, three years later another portrait of Beer Monti was executed by Gustav Klimt in his order. Exhibitions of his works took place in Kopenhagen, Stockholm, Munich, a solo-show was organized by the Vienna Gallery Arnot. 1919/1920 he lived in Switzerland (Tessin and Zurich), then he settled again in Vienna and started showing his works in the Secession´s exhibitions. His studio interieur was planned by architect and friend Josef Hoffmann. In 1928 he became member of the “Österreichische Werkbund” for whom he designed postcards, in 1936 he was honored with the Österreichischen Staatspreis (Austrian state´s prize). From 1936 to 1950 he lived in the USA, after his return to Austria he continued again intense travel activities. In 1954 the City of Vienna awarded him with the City´s Honorary Prize.

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